The Procrastination Page

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Causes of Procrastination:

One of the worst habits a student has and struggles to overcome is the tendency to procrastinate. Leaving everything until the last minute is not the most effective way to get something done, and it adds unwelcome stress…usually in large amounts. Not knowing how to get started on a project is one reason why people procrastinate. Some other reasons why people procrastinate are linked below. Click on each one to learn about other reasons why students procrastinate:

Task seems too difficult
Lack of motivation
Afraid of failure
Don’t see the poin




How to Avoid Procrastination:

Procrastination is a problem for most people and choosing a reward for meeting all the established deadlines is a good incentive to keep on task. Listing all outstanding assignments can also help students to gain control and frequently helps procrastinators to find a starting point. Each of the five tips below can help you to avoid procrastination. Click on each one to learn more about it.

Make a plan
Divide project into “chunks”
Create intermediate deadlines
Be held accountable
Create a reward