Distance Learning: Distance Learning is instruction in which the instructor and the students are separated by distance and interact using a computer and/or via television or phone.

Types of e-Courses Offered at LBCC

Online Course- The entire course will be taught through distance learning, online using the Internet. Online courses may include video content (streaming video or cable broadcast). There will be no on-campus meetings.

Hybrid Course -
This modality is some version of a course with a distance component and some required on-campus / face-to-face meeting(s). The on-campus portion is either regularly scheduled or irregularly scheduled face-to-face meetings as a class. A hybrid course with irregularly scheduled required on-campus meetings will include a specified number of formally scheduled meetings throughout the semester. This on-campus meeting schedule must be noted in the instructor's syllabus. A hybrid course with regularly scheduled on-campus component includes formally scheduled weekly meetings throughout the semester. The on-campus meetings must be indicated in the schedule of classes.

Notice also:
Web-Enhanced Course-
this is NOT a DL course. This is a course that is taught on campus and uses a Web site to enhance various class activities. The Web site includes information, learning, or collaboration features; students access the course site before or after class to further learn what is taught and discussed in class.


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